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Now you can able to create your own movie and stars easily May 10, 2017

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Everyone would have some kinds of different dreams in their life and they would work hard to full fill their dreams. But you won’t get satisfied with your work then you would like to switch over to some other things better that that likewise people would get bored when they play the same game always so you would like to choose the different games like the moviestarplanet where you won’t get bored at any point because here you would have lot of things to do and enjoy your game. You can able to have all funs at the same place you can able to share all the things that you had done in the game with your friends and the other family friends to enjoy.

  • You can able to create your own movie with your own music background setting in which ever model you had liked.
  • When you want to first start a movie then you have to select a girl and the boy whomever you like.
  • You can able to change all their skin tone, lip colour, dress colour and their dressing style which ever suits for your film.
  • Now you can able to start taking your own film which you like but when you want to buy something you have to spend some star coins.

So you can use the msp vip hack tool to get all your coins so that you can able to use those coins to hack all the things that is needed for your game.

Now it is easy for you to go for your shopping

When you are playing your game then you will get lots of gift from the game to collect your coins and the other things which ever you like. You can able to shop all the things which you like and all the items are available for you in the same place. You can able to buy your own set of the cloths and the other related Jewels that is needed for your movie.  Then if you are interested in buying pets then you can also able to buy the pets from the moviestarplanet there would be a lot of varieties of the pets are available for you where you can able to choose your own pets that you like. If you are new then you can able to watch the movie that had been taken already so that you would get a chance to know how to take the movie. After creating your own characters you can able to make them to do some kinds of the action that you like by selecting the menu button that is placed on the side. Finally you can able to join all the things and create your own new movie so that all your friends can view it and enjoy. You can also earn star coins when you publish your movie in the movie star.

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